You Are the Invincible You

David Amsden examined the "Young Invincibles" in the magazine this week, those post-collegiate, underemployed city dwellers who go without health insurance. They worry about getting sick and take extra-special care to look before crossing — if an appendix bursts, it can bankrupt them. And so it goes, for months or years, until an employer provides health benefits or paying individual rates becomes attainable. In the meantime, the insured and uninsured opine together about national health care and the prognosticating power of the Sex Pistols. Some of blogland's thoughts, after the jump.

• "Articles like that in New York may stir us, may even incite a novel thought, but they won’t put meaty health policy on the table. They won’t change the beer and donut consumption patterns of a couch potato. And they won’t put meaningful pressure on a key politician. To my way of thinking they amount to a kind of soft porn: they feel good, but they don’t do much." [A Healthy Blog]
• "Ugh … America is really effed up. At the end of this article that had me curling my toes praying to God that nothing bad befalls me (yes I am one of the young invincibles), there are some solutions … Will check out that NYU dentist." [A Ghanaian Girl Lost in New York]
• "[T]he other, less recognized side of the problem is that even those who do have insurance, who pay the ever-rising premiums for company plans or scrape up the psychotic sums demanded for solo insurance, are getting less and less for that not-inconsiderable monthly payment." [Birds & Bills]
• "Never has Johnny Rotten's prediction of 'No future for you,' seemed more accurate." [Honky-Tonk Dragon]