Zodiac Hunter Robert Graysmith Was a Dedicated Investigator, Father


Jake Gyllenhaal is Robert Graysmith in Zodiac.

Today’s Washington Post has an incredibly fascinating — detailed? creepy? — profile of editorial cartoonist Robert Graysmith, the San Franciscan who never quite solved the case of the Zodiac killer but did manage to sell 4 million copies of the 1986 book he wrote about the effort. The movie about his obsession, Zodiac, opens tomorrow, and the piece is worth reading to see that Graysmith remains as preoccupied with the case 30-odd years later as he was when he was a Gyllenhaalian young cartoonist. He speed-talks his way through the interview, easily ticking off ephemera about the case for the Post reporter and recalling how he typed thirteen drafts of the book over three years, working on weekends while his daughter watched cartoons. That detail, finally, explains the most amusing epilogue we’ve ever seen in a major motion picture (we caught an early screening): “Robert Graysmith still maintains a healthy relationship with his children.” When you have to say so, Robert 

A Killer Obsession [WP]