Jack Donaghy Is an Angry Father

Alec Baldwin called his daughter “a rude, thoughtless little pig” after he phoned her and she didn’t pick up. Julianne Moore complained about the price of a bottle of water at the theater. Police think the Anne Bass robbery was an inside job. Neither Russell Simmons nor L.A. Reid attended Al Sharpton’s National Action Network dinner, although both were invited. Britney Spears fired her manager because she was mad he made her check into rehab, but her father stands by him. Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck went to Radio City Music Hall together. Donald Trump and Barbara Walters avoided each other at Larry King’s party at the Four Seasons. Paris Hilton hooked up with James Blunt.

Jessica Alba is getting paid $5 million to pitch for Revlon. Anna Kournikova got called a dog at a beach in Miami. Ivanka Trump hung out with “friend” Jared Kushner at a party for the New York Observer. Socialite Dori Cooperman hired famed defense attorney Eugene Riccio to fight her forgery and larceny charges. Nelson Mandela refused to meet with Madonna during her trip to Africa. Gillian Anderson, once best known as The X-Files agent Scully, says she hates television. More Anna Nicole Smith diaries are emerging.