Ann Bass Was Robbed

Socialite Ann Bass, ex-wife of billionaire investor Sid Bass, and artist boyfriend Julian Lethbridge were robbed at their tony Connecticut estate. Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia couldn’t bring herself to attend Frost/Nixon. Rutgers women’s basketball coach Vivian Stringer signed a lucrative deal to write an autobiography. Alec and Stephen Baldwin split some macaroni and cheese while bowling. Madonna ex Carlos Leon hooked up with model Kat Forseca at the Bowery Hotel. Josh Lucas hooked up with a writer from Harper’s Bazaar at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Christine Ebersole once bribed a cop with $100. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony plan to file libel suits against the National Enquirer in Europe, where their odds of victory are higher. Chloë Sevigny writes about her wild youth in the introduction to a friend’s memoir.

The Church of Scientology has dispatched “ministers” to provide counseling to students at Virginia Tech and also for shady recruitment and photo-op purposes. Suri Cruise will likely celebrate her first birthday (today!) in Shreveport, Louisiana, with both members of TomKat. Lindsay Lohan says she plays the role of protector of her friends and family, won’t let rehab get in the way of her clubbing. Men’s Health spokesmodel Dave Zinczenko says some women experience “coregasms” while performing an exercise described in his magazine. Paris Hilton’s laundry basket is for sale on eBay. MTV strumpet Kristin Cavallari started a bidding war between Vegas venues that want to host her 21st-birthday party. Model Marissa Miller jumped from IMG to Elite. Patrick Swayze smoked and drank martinis at Jean Georges. Mike Tyson is slated to appear in a promotional Bollywood music video. Mary Stuart Masterson’s directorial debut will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival.