Big House

V.C. Fred Wilson sold a townhouse on West 10th Street for $33.14 million — a record for private property below 14th Street. Beyoncé and her mother won the $1.5 million lawsuit filed against them regarding their House of Dereon fashion line, but the plaintiff plans to appeal. Robert Rodriguez left his wife of sixteen years for Rose McGowan during the filming of Grindhouse, but the split was amicable. The split between golfing great Greg Norman and his wife, Laura, however, is less so. Millionaire Miami developer Thomas Kramer was arrested during the birthday party of Fairchild Corp. CEO Jeffrey Steiner for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in the bathroom. Lindsay Lohan and Steve Aoki are hanging out a lot. This here New York Magazine is moving downtown, but no one knows what to do with the signs on top of the current building.

In Vanity Fair, A.A. Gill slams expat Brits who shop for sandwich spread Marmite, even though Graydon Carter is a fan of the stuff. Clifford Irving, who faked The Autobiography of Howard Hughes, isn’t a fan of Richard Gere’s film portrayal in The Hoax. A new book claims that Richard Nixon was once so drunk that Henry Kissinger wouldn’t let him take a call from the British prime minister. Joe Francis was punched in the head while hanging out at a Miami club with Tinsley Mortimer. Sheryl Crow was in D.C. lobbying for the Breast Cancer Environmental Bill with Revlon owner Ronald Perelman. Kevin Connolly got cozy with an adult-film star in Vegas, while Leonardo DiCaprio hung out with girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. A woman wants Chris Rock to take a paternity test to see if he’s the father of her 13-year-old boy. The Chinese island of Macao is the new Las Vegas, says Liz Smith. HBO is turning Evan Wright’s Iraq book, Generation Kill, into a miniseries. Mark Ronson’s D.J. career is going well. Tucker Carlson called the New York Post “leading edge.”