Billie Jean Is Not My Talk-Show Host

Billie Jean King says she wouldn’t mind taking fellow lesbian Rosie O’Donnell’s spot on The View. will post no more, but its (still anonymous) founders do have a book deal. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was marginally insensitive toward deaf people at the New York Times Co. annual meeting. American Idol contestants put on a private performance at Rupert Murdoch’s house. Christie’s exec John Hays made a quip about Katie Couric at the Children for Children benefit. Cameron Diaz went shopping in Soho, then freaked out when the paparazzi showed up. Kate Winslet likes New York’s paparazzi more than London’s. A woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock tried to run over Bullock’s husband with a car. Hugh Grant was arrested on an assault charge after throwing baked beans at a paparazzo.

L.A. Times sportswriter Mike Penner is undergoing sex-change surgery. Lindsay Lohan’s driver crashed into Tony Bennett’s daughter and then yelled at her. Alec Baldwin dumped CAA either because the agency reps Kim Basinger or because a Website run by fellow CAA client Will Ferrell posted a skit mocking him. An Indian judge ordered the arrest of Richard Gere because he kissed a Bollywood actress in public. Rapper Eve was arrested in L.A. on possible DUI charges. And Sean Penn offered to bail her out. Candy Spelling is making amends with daughter, Tori, because she wants to get to know Tori’s baby. Sienna Miller was rushed out of a club in London after someone was shot with an air gun. Jake Gyllenhaal is “devastated” that his one-month relationship with Reese Witherspoon is over.