Hip-hop producer Timbaland called fellow producer and former friend Scott Storch “a bitch” at Marquee. Katie Couric was spotted flirting with a young guy who may or may not have been smoking weed at Peasant in Nolita. Manhattan Mini Storage is getting flack from Republicans and Paris Hilton alike for some of its ads around the city. Married Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid exchanged a number of rather flirty e-mails with a female co-worker in 2005, but she insists they were just kidding around. Former state comptroller Carl McCall is claiming he’s Elliot Spitzer’s choice to head up SUNY as either chancellor or chairman of the Board of Trustees, but a source close to Spitzer says no way. Jon Bon Jovi is doing charity construction work in Brooklyn.

West 27th Street club Cain is moving downtown and will be smaller and more exclusive. Jonathan Rhys Meyers engaged in some serious PDA at the Plumm. One reason David Geffen isn’t backing Hillary Clinton is that Bill never pardoned murder convict Leonard Peltier when he had the chance as president. Senator Joe Biden bumped into Senator John Kerry and his wife at dinner. A book currently being shopped allegedly names the Zodiac killer. April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig will be named best chef of 2007 by Food & Wine magazine. Sacha Baron Cohen will star in a Dreamworks flick titled Dinner for Schmucks. Spurned National Enquirer heir Paul Pope is suing his mom for a lifetime income of $1 million a year. Salvador Dali’s wife, Gala, was a tough person to talk to, says photographer Christopher Makos. Christina Ricci has a lion tattoo on her back as a symbol of her rough childhood. Donatella Versace enjoys a smoke while running on the treadmill.