Breakups and the City

Former Sex and the City partners Candace Bushnell and Darren Star are no longer speaking after Star sold a show similar to the one Bushnell was working on to a different network. Matt Lauer once had an awkward bathroom experience with Tom Brokaw. Kate Moss will launch her clothing line at Barneys on May 8. Alt Coffee on Avenue A is being turned into a stroller shop. Britney Spears may give Allure a tell-all regarding her family infighting. Lesley Stahl denies being the source of anti-Katie Couric rumors. On her way back to New York City, real-estate queen Barbara Corcoran boarded the wrong flight and ended up in Syracuse. Tyra Banks ate with Clay Aiken at Jean Georges. Andy Dick accosted two employees at a Chelsea club.

Desmond Fitzgerald, a.k.a. the Knight of Glinn, gave a lecture at Christie’s to promote his new book. A journalist says she feels “morally compelled” to sell a tape she has of Anna Nicole Smith talking about a variety of subjects. Prince William ex Kate Middleton might take a job with Tom Ford in New York. Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan allegedly hid $100 million in taxable income from authorities. Bono compared Lou Reed to James Joyce. Porn star Savanna Samson is a fan of Wagner operas. Rush Limbaugh left a $1,000 tip on a $700 steak dinner. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore squabbled in Spain. Cindy Adams’ two yorkies will attend the Spider-Man 3 premiere in customized T-shirts.