Fortune 500: New York City Can Kick South Korea’s Ass

The 2007 Fortune 500 was released today, and the humble five boroughs — or at least two of them, Manhattan and Brooklyn — are home to 45 companies on the list. Ranked by revenue, our top two are Citigroup, at No. 8 ($146.7 billion), and American International Group, at No. 10 ($113 billion). Together, that gives New York City a GF500CP — that’s a gross Fortune 500 company product — of $1.361 trillion, someplace between the GDPs of Brazil and South Korea, according to the CIA’s World Fact Book. Oh, and the sole Brooklyn company? That’s Keyspan, coming in at No. 326 with revenue of nearly $7.2 billion. That’s a little better than the Bahamas’ GDP, but not as high as Malawi’s. Keep trying, Keyspan.

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