He Blew His Nose, and Then He Blew His Mind

Keith Richards snorted his father’s ashes. Ed Koch still hates Rudy Giuliani, now via e-mail. Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen have filed for divorce. Insiders blame the “Pale Male and Lola incident.” Cynthia Nixon rooted through a trash can in Riverside Park last week. Felix Rohatyn had an enthusiastic love life in his office at Lazard Freres, says a new tell-all about the firm. Julia Child didn’t care for the gays, according to a new biography. Kate Moss probably won’t make FHM’s sexiest-women list, but Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are expected to rank high. Don’t forget, Jane Pratt had sex with Drew Barrymore.

Tinsley Mortimer took a shot at Olivia Palermo at Monday’s Dressed to Kilt fashion show. Christopher Hitchens is setting himself up for a smiting with his new book, God Is Not Great. John Singleton didn’t pay his actors after Hustle & Flow sold big, complains Taryn Manning. Paris Hilton won’t be seen impersonating a drunk-driving ditz on MTV after her lawyers pulled the comedy sketch. We’ll have to wait till April 10 to find out the identity of Anna Nicole’s baby daddy. Swedish courts won’t allow a couple to legally name their baby daughter Metallica. Suri Cruise gets her hair cut every week, naked. At last, MisShapes will release its coffee-table book of sullen downtown partiers. Justin Timberlake hates celebrity gossip rags and wants to be known as an R&B artist.