Picking On Little Arthur

In his new memoir, former Time Inc. editor-in-chief Norm Pearlstine accuses New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger of being more concerned with publicity than with the law during the Judith Miller saga. (Of course, Pearlstine was concerned with neither, happily capitulating to the prosecutor!) Tom Brady and Gisele went to Easter Mass in Little Italy. Disgraced former Miss USA Tara Conner has left New York for L.A. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds now seem to be an item. Socialite Dori Cooperman was arrested and charged after she allegedly stole and cashed a $4,300 check. A Gawker editor had a tough time handling Jimmy Kimmel’s questions on Larry King Live. Giada De Laurentiis may be one of Tiki Barber’s co-hosts on the Today show.

Anne and Amanda Hearst are big-time animal lovers. Liz Hurley’s father-in-law disowned her and new hubby Arun Nayer for turning their Indian wedding into a media circus. Ex–Laguna Beach cast member Jason Wahler was arrested for the fourth time in nine months, this time for wrestling a man in a hotel lobby. The Police are set for their reunion tour, but they don’t have a new album. Ralph Fiennes’s stewardess of choice, Lisa Robertson, wants to become an adult-film star. Jay-Z denies fathering a child with a model and then paying her $1 million to keep his name off the birth certificate. Willie Nelson is developing a line of country-themed casinos. Harvey Weinstein wants to break up Grindhouse into two features after its poor performance at the box office. Nick Cannon brags that his MTV deal is more lucrative than Puffy’s.