Martha Stewart Is Scared of Westchester

Martha Stewart canceled a book signing in Westchester because she didn’t want to deal with questions from residents as to why she was trying to trademark the name “Katonah.” Ellen Barkin played coy when asked about whether she slept with George Clooney. Some critics disagree with Out magazine’s decision to put Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster on the cover. The Clintons are going on vacation to the Dominican Republic to hang out with the De la Rentas. Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are pushing up their nuptials so they can tie the knot before Watts gives birth. An NBC flack snapped back at CBS producer Steve Friedman for his comments about the Today show’s slipping ratings. Woody Johnson is making his 60th-birthday party a costume affair so feuding family members Libet and Casey won’t recognize each other.

Lydia Hearst is not happy her designer Puma bag got roughed up during the security check at an airport. L.C. from The Hills may or may not be featured in a sex tape. Kevin Costner is suing a media company because it didn’t adequately promote his six-person pop-rock band. Eric Clapton successfully courted George Harrison’s wife with a love letter and a phone call. A documentary is coming out about Jake Ryan — the only white player on Slam magazine’s list of “50 Greatest Playground Legends.” Halle Berry says she’s happy, healthy, and no longer interested in granting interviews. John Waters links life-size Easter bunnies to heroin use. Spoiler alert! In Grindhouse Osama bin Laden dies.