All Aboard!


Photo: Everett Bogue

Are we the only ones who didn’t know this? We learned today, when we stumbled across a cache, that actual subway schedules — yes, minute-by-minute timetables of when a specific train will show up — are available at select stations throughout the city. (We’d always thought the next train just came a few minutes after the last or, on bad days, whenever the MTA felt like it.) Unsurprisingly, the tables are excessively complicated — we particularly enjoy that the 1 train runs “every 5 minutes” at some times of day but “every 4–6 minutes” at others — and we doubt they’re terribly useful, as one tardy train would clearly gum up a whole line. “Sticking to it is tough, but not impossible,” admitted an attendant at the Times Square station, who also noted that the MTA doesn’t print too many copies. So get them while you can — the latest edition in dated February 2007 — and then write the mayor if your train’s late. —Tayt Harlin