Rosie Offends Women

Rosie O’Donnell emceed a luncheon for Women in Communications, and she offended audience members with off-color jokes. Cindy Adams liked her act, though. Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Norman Mailer, and Anna Wintour all showed up for the memorial service for JFK aide Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Rudy Giuliani’s success in presidential polls is making Mike Bloomberg want to run for president. Martha Stewart’s billionaire boyfriend, Charles Simonyi, returned from a visit to the International Space Station. An Icelandic billionaire bought an Ian Schrager penthouse in Gramercy Park for $10 million. Hotelier Jason Pomeranc celebrated his birthday with Kate Hudson. Sheryl Crow may be an environmental activist, but a performance rider shows she demands three tractor trailers, four buses, and six cars for a gig. Speaking of Crow, she may have had a falling out with fellow activist Laurie David during their anti-global-warming cross-country tour.

Spike Jonze took girlfriend Drew Barrymore to the Sunset Tower Hotel, which is a favorite of ex Sofia Coppola. Joe Francis will serve 35 days in jail after pleading guilty to contempt of court. Shanna Moakler published Paris Hilton’s cell-phone number and e-mail address on her MySpace page. Rod Stewart’s son is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon. Scarlett Johansson tripped and fell in front of the paparazzi on Sunday morning, which may be why she didn’t show up for a party last night. Defense lawyer Joe Tacopina used to sell ice cream and pizza out of a truck in Brooklyn. Ann Coulter is not cooperating with the investigation that alleges she committed voter fraud in Palm Beach. Keith Richards’s mom died. No word yet on his plans for the ashes.