Saddam Lives?

An agent claims to have forensic evidence and government documents that allege Saddam Hussein is still alive and well. Former CBS News reporter turned professional CBS basher Bernard Goldberg takes shots at Les Moonves and Katie Couric in his newest book. The relationship between 77-year-old Barbara Walters and 80-year-old Robert N. Butler is heating up. Arianna Huffington broke her cheekbone and got stitches after fainting in her office from exhaustion. Taxi tycoon Andrew Murstein bought a suite at Madison Square Garden for $500,000. The man accused of shaking down Oprah Winfrey claims he was set up by her lawyer, according to Radar. Exes Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr continue to dislike each another.

Madonna may be going to Malawi to adopt another kid, unless she’s going just to do more charity work. Debt guru Bill Huff may be purchasing Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for around $20 million, though Jackson’s rep denies the sale. Justin Timberlake had Jessica Biel over for a cookout. Courtney Love may have lost weight through diet and exercise, unless she lost it through gastric-band surgery. A pipe in Lindsay Lohan’s apartment burst and caused a leak in the apartment of neighbor–ex-boyfriend Harry Morton. Bruce Willis seems to be dating Perfect Strangers co-star Tamara Feldman. Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova doesn’t agree with Farah Fawcett and Jaid Barrymore’s decisions to pose for Playboy in their fifties. The Hills tart Heidi Montag may have gotten a nose job in addition to the boob job she hasn’t denied getting. Angelina Jolie ate a Big Mac. Woody Allen thinks Diane Keaton is one of the two or three best comediennes of all time. Dana Vachon’s book party was crowded.