Still Taking Fashion Cues From the Kennedys


Miller, Kennedy, and one of the skinny ties at last night’s dinner.Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Miller celebrated her 25th anniversary as a designer last night by throwing a dinner at Chinatown Brasserie for friends including Zac Posen, Shalom Harlow, Jane Krakowski, and her pal Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — and to mark the milestone she donated $25,000 to Kennedy’s Riverkeeper environmental group. But, as he told us, it was hardly her first gift to him. “Nicole noticed a long time ago, probably fifteen years ago, that I like to wear thin ties,” he said. “And so she made a bunch for me, these little thin ties.” He held out the slender navy one, dotted with tiny parrots, around his neck. “I’m very happy to see that they’re finally coming into style and she’s actually selling them in her stores,” he added. Actually, you can’t find the exact ties she made for Kennedy, which Miller said are one-of-a-kinds, but others like them. “I think all men should wear skinny ties,” she said. “I think it makes you much cooler than, I don’t know, anyone who wears fat ties.” —Amy Odell