‘Times’ Couplets: Not Everyone’s Built to Be a Man-eater

Wherein we arrange Times headlines in verse to bring you secret messages from the paper of record.

Manhunt Begins

Hooking a Big One?
Revolution Begins at the Beauty Salon.

Sallie Mae Said to Talk to Suitors
No Matter the Message, It’s Delivered With Dazzle.

Mixing Poise and Panache
Parise Wastes Little Time in Firing Up the Devils.

Sharon’s “Condition” Is Said to Improve:
Statistics Show Ups, Downs and Betweens.

When the Haunted One Turns Into the Hunter
Paris Believes in Tears (and Love and Real Estate).

From Call Girl to Kant Girl in a Flash of White Panties
Giving All for Her Country but Also Feeling the Pain.

Lizzie Skurnick