We Want to Work for the Port Authority

Today’s Daily News takes a look at the Port Authority’s payroll, and the only possible reaction to the findings is this: “Where do we sign up for a job there?” The paper made Ralph Berlangieri, a gardener who took home $102,700 in 2006, the exposé’s marquee star, but there is a wealth of talented supporting players. One electrician, for instance, earned $124,000 last year; 50 Port Authority cops take home more than $200K. Of course, police officers and electricians put their lives on the line, albeit in two different ways, so perhaps deserve big paydays. But then there’s the toll collector making $86,000, a garage attendant with a $67,000 salary, and not one but two full-time salad makers at $40,000-plus each. But, hey, don’t worry about it: The Port Authority’s got plenty of money to spend. After all, it’s not like they have to keep cutting back the big downtown PATH station for lack of sufficient funds. Oh, wait.

103G(reen) Thumb [NYDN]
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