We Watch TV So You Don’t Have To

Out all night last night? DVR on the fritz? No need to fret. Even if you missed all of the evening TV shows, New York’s up-to-the-minute new culture blog, Vulture, has you covered. First, there’s a look back at last night’s very special American Idol, which was supposed to be tied to the Idol Gives Back charity campaign but Vulture’s Caryn Ganz argues was really about the power of positive thinking. Then, in the Vic Mackey Doomsday Clock, Adam Sternbergh watches last night’s installment of The Shield and considers how close Vic is to finally getting busted. And, last, in Differential Diagnosis, Jordana and Sean Williams examine House the way the doctor and his team would. You’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite show again, all thanks to Vulture.

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