Whose Interviews These Are

The New Yorker confuses Robert Frost and David Frost (whoops!), much to the amusement of both “Page Six” and the Gatecrasher. Porn star Jenna Jameson has lost a lot of weight and has started acting unprofessionally since her divorce. Real-estate developer Harry Macklowe gets preferential treatment at all Icon parking garages in Manhattan. Ben Widdicombe got an earful from Pauly Shore. The Russian Tea Room uses out-of-context quotes to give the impression that it has been well reviewed. Tom Wolfe will give a speech in Miami about art and architecture. A number of J.P. Morgan bankers are expected to attend Dana Vachon’s book party tomorrow night, despite the treatment the firm (or, rather, the fictitious firm based on Morgan) gets in the book.

PETA vice-president Dan Matthews takes down a number of fashion bigs in his memoir. Paulina Porizkova’s debut novel contains some fairly explicit sex scenes. Larry Birkhead’s legal costs for the Anna Nicole Smith paternity suit are approaching $650,000. Oil heir Brandon Davis had to beg to get into a Details magazine party in L.A. Kurt Russell’s first kiss ended with him getting his stomach sliced. Italian movie producer Valerio Morabito likes Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Paris Hilton’s lawyer is not up-to-date on his client’s behavior. Orlando Bloom had a meeting with the producers and director of Superman. Cindy Adams calls Bill Maher’s upcoming documentary about religion “the most sacrilegious movie ever made.”