You’re Now Priced Out of Crown Heights, Too

Chelsea: If you want to keep your job at the (historically and refreshingly) unfabulous McBurney Y, you better be edgy. [Chelsea Blog]
Crown Heights: Behold yet another gentrification benchmark: the first $1 million-plus condo. [One Hanson Place]
Dumbo: Disagreement among residents (for) and developers (against) about landmarking the area is prompting sure-to-be a contentious public hearing. [DumboNYC]
East Village: Opponents of a new NYU dorm on 12th Street continue to fight construction, which has been going on for eight months. The new target? Air rights. [Runnin’ Scared/VV]
Flushing: Whatever that big box going up on 163rd Street is going to be, it’s going to clash with the traditional homes next door. Did somebody say “stop-work order?” [Queens Crap]
Upper West Side: Residents (including, probably, Bill Moyers) fear that the Landmarks Commission has given New-York Historical Society the green light for changes including a view-crushing 23-story condo on its property. [NYS]