Albrecht Out at HBO

HBO chairman Chris Albrecht was forced to resign last night after allegedly beating up his girlfriend Sunday, likely because this wasn’t his first domestic assault. Harvey Weinstein had to explain to girlfriend Georgina Chapman that Elie Wiesel was notable for being “in a concentration camp” at the Time 100 fête. And Jessica Simpson dressed conservatively at the event to not draw attention from boyfriend and honoree John Mayer. Cameron Diaz went to a sex show at the Box the night before appearing on the Today show. Josh Hartnett and Helena Christensen sang karaoke together. Lorne Michaels sang karaoke at oil heir William Hess’s bar mitzvah. Nancy Grace is trying to get on The View now that she’s out at Court TV. NBC News’ David Gregory may be Don Imus’s replacement.

Lindsay Lohan was almost run over by a cab while signing autographs. And Lohan’s Georgia Rule co-star Jane Fonda didn’t take well to being questioned by Dina Lohan on the red carpet. A judge and convicted felon are writing a book together. Brandon Davis is getting into the art world. Jennifer Lopez may or may not have hired extra security guards in response to death threats she’s received for wearing fur. Lindsay Lohan and Kimberly Stewart are friends and may be sleeping with the same guy. John Edwards’s daughter, Cate, is dating a Republican. Paris Hilton swapped lawyers in her DUI case. Helen Mirren tried to rearrange her schedule to meet the Queen of England but was unable. Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman is opening another restaurant in the meatpacking district.