Back and to the Left

A new book by founder David Talbot claims that the JFK assassination was the joint work of the CIA and the Mafia. Philadelphia TV reporter Alycia Lane mistakenly sent risqué e-mails intended for NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen to his wife. Pete Wentz wants his new East Village bar, Angels and Kings, to be a place where people can have sex in the bathroom. A lot of bankers can no longer expense meals at Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Alec Baldwin skipped the premiere of his new movie to go to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. Good move: The screening — of a movie in which he plays an estranged father after a messy divorce — would have been awkward. Penélope Cruz bought the wait staff at the Waverly Inn a round of shots. Rosie O’Donnell dropped a subtle hint that she may be headed to CBS. Boy George was arrested in London for keeping some guy chained to his wall. Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields gambled together in Vegas.

The View’s Elizabeth Hasselback is pregnant again. Someone allegedly saw New Jersey assemblyman John F. McKeon driving while typing on his BlackBerry without a seat belt on, but he denies it. Gisele Bündchen is no longer a Victoria’s Secret model because the company wouldn’t meet her salary demands. Princes William and Harry did an interview with NBC, but it’s not yet known when it’ll air. Kim Kardashian is set to make $5 million from her sex tape. Shoe designer Holly Dunlap’s brother is an Army Ranger, and she’s hosting a fund-raiser for war survivors on May 17 at the Russian Tea Room. Claire Danes had trouble riding a unicorn. Former federal prosecutor Carl Loewenson will be the next chairman of the Javits Convention Center. Milla Jovovich thinks her dad’s eight-year stint in prison was edifying. Oliver Stone is filming a pro-military spot critical of George Bush’s handling of the Iraq War for Bobby “Boris” Pickett, the guy who wrote “Monster Mash,” is dead.