Elizabeth Hurley Bought the Farm, Stopped Acting

Elizabeth Hurley was in town recently for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hot Pink Party at the Waldorf, and we had to wonder where the shagedelic star has been lately: Her last movie, Serving Sara with Matthew Perry, opened in the United States a full five years ago. Her explanation? "I just can't really make movies as well as be a mum and live in England," she told us. "Something had to give, and I decided it wasn't going to be my relationship with my son. I decided I wanted to take him to school every day, which I do." Hurley, who married Indian businessman Arun Nayar in a bi-continental ceremony two months ago, said she hasn't given up working, just acting. She's a spokeswoman for Liz Claiborne and has started her own beachwear company. And she's become a farmer. "I have a large farm in the country in England," she said. "And it's all organic. So basically, right now, I'm really into produce." —Rachel Wolff