Runway Repeats at Parsons Senior Show!

Monday's senior collections shown at Parsons — spotlighting the class's top designers — raised a question: How closely did these students study the runway? These "top collections" looked like top knockoffs to us. Julia Medvedev's black bodice dress (above) echoed a Versace silhouette. And Sean William Salim's gold pants were all too reminiscent of Ghesquière’s robotic creations at Balenciaga. Lora Nova even regurgitated Gareth Pugh's see-through stripes. But it wasn't all copycats. Boaz Eli, one of Parsons' Womenswear Designers of the Year, showed garments that were flattering, well cut, and most important, original. More look-alikes after the jump. —Kendall Herbst

Sean William Salim

From left, Gareth Pugh fall 2007 and Lora Nova senior collection Photos: and Dan Lecca

Lora Nova

From left, Balenciaga spring 2007 and Sean William Salim senior collection Photos: FirstView and Dan Lecca