Hollywood Agent Exaggerates!

A former colleague of Hollywood superagent (and Ari Gold inspiration) Ari Emanuel says he intentionally threw tantrums when talking to Entourage producer Doug Ellin so they’d make it into the show’s script. Donna Hogan plans to make over her appearance — plastic surgery and all — so that she looks just like sister Anna Nicole Smith. NBC’s Campbell Brown may take Paula Zahn’s spot at CNN if she leaves. Jason Binn’s wife is pregnant. Dina Lohan denies saying she ever called herself the “White Oprah,” except that she did. Patti Smith is covering the Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” because a sanitation truck that almost ran her over was playing that song. Emma Thompson pissed off Will Smith when she pulled out a lit cigarette at the Waverly Inn. Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is an investor in a lounge in Sag Harbor.

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and their Ocean’s 13 castmates raised $9.2 million for Darfur during a private charity fund-raiser on a yacht. John Mayer and Jessica Simpson hooked up again on Tuesday. Michelle Rodriguez offered to kiss Sharon Stone during a charity event in Cannes. Claire Danes and Steve Buscemi went to a play. Brittany Murphy may have married Simon Monjack to keep him from being deported. Victoria Beckham staged a visit to a sex shop in Hollywood just to get attention from the paparazzi. Aaron Spelling’s widow, Candi, may become a gossip columnist. Anne Heche claims estranged husband Coley Laffoon spent his days playing ping-pong and watching online porn. Nicole Richie denied she has an eating disorder. A new book says that John Kerry wishes he had picked Dick Gephardt, and not John Edwards, as a running mate during the last election. (Should have listened to Rupe, John!) Liz Smith thinks Gordon Brown, Tony Blair’s designated successor, needs a professional stylist.