Illustrate — Don’t Destroy

Seems it’s not all lawsuits and protests in Brooklyn activists’ war on Atlantic Yards; there are cartoons, too. Disturbing, disturbing cartoons. A tipster calls our attention to, a new and subtly deranged wiki site for posting your own apocalyptic fantasies of what the Frank Gehry centerpiece of Ratner’s project will look like. So far, the pickings are slim. The most prominent picture depicts Bruce Ratner as a sort of Evil Jew, flashing a devilish grin as he exposes a strangely buff bicep with a “Miss Brooklyn” tattoo. Instead of horns, however, this Ratner has a rat’s tail. In another bit of symbolism, a wad of dollar bills is hanging out of his zipper. We strongly prefer another cartoon, which features an MS Paint girl’s-head doodle over the Gehry model: It makes the design, an inarguable folly, into something endearing. Is it too late to work it into the actual blueprints?