Introducing ‘New York Look’ (and an Apology)

We’re introducing a new magazine! As you may have read in Women’s Wear Daily this morning, the biannual New York Look will launch in November; it’ll take’s coverage of the New York and European fashion shows and reverse-engineer all that online analysis, trend-spotting, and photography into a real-life mag you can have and own and hold. One thing about that photography, though: It won’t include the David Sims shot on the cover of the prototype, which appeared in WWD today. That was our mistake: That mockup was made for internal tests, and we hadn’t obtained the rights to publish the photo because we didn’t intend to publish it at all. Wires were crossed, internal prototypes were provided to Women’s Wear, and the fashion trade published Sims’s photo as our cover. In other words, we screwed up. And we deeply apologize to Sims. And now you’ll just have to wait till November to see what the thing really looks like.

Memo Pad [WWD]