National Issues Our Mayor, Who Is Not Running for President, Currently Has a Vocal Stance On


Bloomberg announcing a climate-change initiative with Bill Clinton two weeks ago.Photo: Getty Images

If you’re scoring at home:

• Gun control: Vehemently opposed to illegal guns; pioneered an ingenious way of putting the heat on dealers in other states without overstepping mayoral jurisdiction.

• Education: Introduced fine-tunings to No Child Left Behind in Florida with Jeb Bush.

• Environment: Keynote speaker at the C40 Climate Summit; PlaNYC.

• Health Care: Smoking, trans fats, diabetes registry, subway condoms, you name it.

• And now, immigration: At a Memorial Day parade in Queens yesterday, Bloomberg called the guest-worker program being debated in the Senate “a joke.” He approves the bill’s rejection of mass deportations, but “shame on Congress,” he said, for suggesting two-year U.S. work stints for foreign laborers, something “nobody in their right mind would ever try to do.”

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