Odd Couplings

Two men bought a date with New York Giant Michael Strahan at an auction. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora finally split. Bruce Willis is dating a 23-year-old Playmate. Former HBO exec Chris Albrecht went out on the town with the girl he allegedly assaulted. The Office stars Rashida Jones and John Krasinski may be dating again.

Former prostitute (and New York covergirl) Natalia McLennan tells Paris Hilton that jail isn’t fun. Charlize Theron fake-modeled outside of La Esquina while Penélope Cruz may have been eating inside. Kate Hudson informed Cameron Diaz at the bathroom of the Waverly Inn that she did not hook up with Justin Timberlake. (Timberlake is still dating Jessica Biel.) R. Kelly compared himself to Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King.

Cipriani in the Sherry-Netherland is finally reopening after two years. Danny DeVito is opening a restaurant in Miami. Mel Brooks is toying with the idea of putting on a one-man Broadway show. The residents of 810 Fifth Avenue are pleased that the “flamboyant” David Geffen sold his apartment to Blackstone head Pete Peterson. Lindsay Lohan is being sued by the photographer she barely nudged with her BMW.