Paul Wolfowitz, Meet Karma

Paul Wolfowitz and his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, broke up. Harvey Weinstein and Luc Besson argued over Weinstein’s treatment of Besson’s film. AA member Lindsay Lohan is having a vodka company sponsor her 21st-birthday party. Gwyneth Paltrow covered her daughter’s head with a black veil to ward off paparazzi. Kevin Spacey snapped at an audience member whose cell phone went off during a play. Tom Ford and Anderson Cooper had lunch at the Four Seasons. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is giving Danny Glover $18 million to make a movie about Haiti, and Haitians aren’t happy. Britney Spears was jeered at an impromptu performance at a Miami club. Paris Hilton was photographed at her local bookseller purchasing a Bible and self-help book The Power of Now. Oprah’s dad’s book is now on hold.

A gust of wind exposed Russian heiress Anna Anisimova while she walked a red carpet. Prince is getting paid $3 million to put on seven shows at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Jessica Simpson dyed her hair blond again. Sharon Stone is auctioning a walk-on roll in Terminator 4 at a Cannes benefit. Bridget Moynahan didn’t bring up baby daddy Tom Brady once during her baby shower. Vince Vaughn, Kate Moss, and a bunch of other celebs have been hanging out in Costa Rica, and locals aren’t thrilled. Tommy Lee Jones and John Goodman filmed a scene for their upcoming movie at the Louisiana home where Jude Law hooked up with the nanny. Susan Sarandon and her daughter are acting in a movie together.