SJP Won’t Bite at Bitten Launch, But Amy Sacco Warns Us About Ellen Barkin


Parker and Sacco with some dude named Adam Glassman last night.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t talking to the press at last night’s press event for her new clothing line, called Bitten, for cheapie department store Steve and Barry’s. (“Thank you for respecting our no-interviews request,” her rep hissed. We heard a rumor that was because People had an exclusive, but the rep insisted it was merely because they’d rather we “write about the exciting new line of affordable clothing” than pay attention to the celebrity they were using to get attention for the line.) So instead we asked our bite-focused questions to the very svelte Amy Sacco, who reported that she has largely stopped biting. “I’m over food,” she said. “I’m doing all fish and really light stuff like salads. I want to get into a bikini this summer and be brave.” What about other kinds of biting? No doubt some kinky stuff happens late-night at Bungalow. “I’ve been bitten by Ellen Barkin,” Sacco gamely reported. “Ellen Barkin gave me a hickey. You have to be careful. She is very fast and you don’t see it coming.” If only Ron Perelman had known. —Shira Levine