The Coolification of Gramercy

Astoria: So are these springtime infestations silverfish or house centipedes? [Astorians]
Chelsea: A lost-dog notice brings out the area’s tough love. [Blog Chelsea]
Gramercy: Perhaps only the launching of a new Philippe Starck condo can bring hipster D.J.’s the Misshapes to a godforsakenly unhip stretch of East 23rd Street. [Curbed]
Greenpoint: People waiting for a condo at 110 Green Street are forced to sleep among the pile drivers. [Newyorkshitty]
Harlem: A new ecofriendly housing development will be not for rich yuppies but for ex-prisoners readjusting to life on the outside. How refreshing, frankly. [Multi-Housing News via Uptown Flavor]
Red Hook: That dangerous corner en route to the Fairway has finally got a much-demanded traffic light. [Brooklyn Record]