The Soho Grand Is a Wonderland

Rumors of the demise of the John Mayer–Jessica Simpson relationship may be greatly exaggerated; the two spent Sunday night together at the Soho Grand. (Mayer is also still doing the stand-up comedy thing). Today show correspondent Jill Rappaport owns eighteen acres in the Hamptons. Johnny Damon hung out till 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, but he still hit a two-run double later in the day. Ivanka Trump and Zach Braff exchanged numbers. (Uh-oh. Does Jared Kushner know about this?) Warren Buffett, David Remnick, John Kerry, Ted Turner, and Jann Wenner, among others (ahem), were all rejected from Harvard. After asking for $5.5 million, Stone Phillips sold his penthouse on West 72nd Street for $4.35 million. Times managing editor Jill Abramson is suing the truck driver who ran over her foot.

Katie Holmes is annoyed because a porn star named Katee Holmes is planning to lose her virginity on camera. Jane editor Brandon Holley got married. Oprah’s dad is writing a book about her, claiming she was an “unruly child.” Snoop Dogg smoked two joints simultaneously at a party in Cannes. Britney Spears is taking injections of B-12. British chef Marco Pierre White was accidentally stabbed in the hand with a Champagne flute after a flaming-sambuca stunt went awry. Josh Hartnett fed fruit to Penélope Cruz at a bar. Brett Ratner had a photo shoot with Heidi Klum. George Michael has an $80 million art collection. Jude Law is dating writer Kim Hersov. Oprah felt bad because a speech she gave at the Waldorf conflicting with The Sopranos.