The Trouble With Bs

Britney Spears took shots at Teddy’s in L.A. while jumping on a couch. First daughter Barbara Bush partied at a club with Champagne and a coterie of male admirers. Kate Bosworth got in a tiff with her boyfriend because he couldn’t hail a cab fast enough for her. Lindsay Lohan boy toy Calum Best allegedly made out with some other girl while Lohan was in the bathroom in the Bahamas.

David Geffen made $6 million when he sold his Fifth Avenue apartment to Blackstone chairman Peter Peterson for $37.5 million. The Clintons bought some property in the Dominican Republic and are now neighbors with the De la Rentas. Google co-founder Sergey Brin got married to a biotech analyst on David Copperfield’s private estate in the Bahamas. Vanessa Trump’s water broke mid-gala at an Operation Smile fund-raiser on Friday.

David Blaine performed some impromptu magic tricks in midtown. Muhammad Ali’s daughter Khaliah used to be fat because she was abused by her uncle. Oprah spoke at Howard University’s commencement. Jamie Lynn-Sigler turned 26. A woman claims Foxy Brown almost ran her over in her Range Rover, despite the fact that Brown’s license has been revoked.