These Goofs Are Made for Walkin'

Matt Green is back! Who? He’s the dude who with a college friend last summer got improbably enormous amounts of media coverage for riding every subway line in the city in under 24 hours. (If the idea sounds familiar, it’s the drunken bet that comes up at roughly every third rooftop keg party.) This year, he’s tanned, rested, and teamed up with a new partner, a different college buddy, for a new feat of pointless publicity inspirational endurance: In a Napoleon Dynamite take on David Blaine, the duo will embark on a five-day, 150-mile walk over the five boroughs, doing Wacky Things as they go. According to Metro New York’s Amy Zimmer — apparently Green’s Boswell — said wackiness includes riding a Bronx Zoo camel, using the bathroom in each of the five Borough Halls, and reading a list of jokey demands from the City Hall steps. Hilarious! We wincingly predict a cluster of reality-TV producers at the finish line, checkbooks in hand.

Burning Some Dust in NYC [Metro NY]