You’ll Never Find Him, Ladies. Just Read the ‘Times’

Today’s “Thursday Styles” brings bad news to single New York gals. As it turns out, taking classes — running, tennis, wine tasting, you name it — is not the best way to meet men. Apparently, men don’t think they need to take classes, explains Stephanie Rosenbloom. “It goes against the male grain to acknowledge ignorance about a subject.” Consider the case of Wendy Hill. The poor girl signed up for a course at the Met and various activities for the unattached, all with unpromising results. “She described the men in her architecture classes as 60-somethings, and the few she’d met at class activities geared to singles as ‘blech.’” Sure, there are exceptions — congrats on that upcoming wedding, Debra Wilensky and Randy Weinstein! — but, overall, instructors don’t report high hit-it-off success rates. Still, ladies, don’t despair: Hope comes in the very same section of the Times. It’s not that men avoid all group activities: They’re just really busy with Bounce-n-Slide. —Lori Fradkin

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