Angelina, Unwaivered!


Jolie at Wednesday night’s premiere.Photo: Getty images

Last week’s Angelina-takes-Manhattan hysteria continued at the Waldorf Friday afternoon, when she submitted to a series of small, roundtable interviews with print reporters to promote A Mighty Heart. This was good news, because on the Daily Show Thursday night Jolie had dismissed the infamous waivers her lawyer had required reporters to sign as excessive and never mandatory, and the lawyer had called himself “bone-headed” for drafting it in that morning’s Times. So now that nothing was off-limits, what fascinating information would we learn from Miss Jolie? Oh, riveting, insidery stuff! Like that she doesn’t feel bad about traveling to dangerous places even while she has kids. “I do no service to my children by staying home and allowing the world to be what it is,” she said. And that she has big plans for her future. “I want to learn French properly, I want to have more kids, and I want to get to know them and spend time with them and be home and make a lot of school lunches,” she said. “On a bigger scale, I wanna understand international law and foreign policy. I have lofty goals for myself.” Thank God those waivers were revoked. —Mina Hochberg