Anything God Can Do, Rudy Can Do Better


• Giuliani yesterday unveiled the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, a “Contract with America”–style plan called — we kid you not — “The Twelve Commitments.” Most of it is boilerplate, calling for low taxes, energy independence, security. Best part: America’s Mayor unleashed it during a “speech attended by about 150 people.” Fred Thompson leads in the polls. [NYP]

• Among other legislation making its way through Albany: A bill authorizing a formal “nostra culpa” for New York’s complicity in slavery, the first such gesture for a northern Union state. Some conservatives worry it will embolden the reparations crowd. [NYS]
• The city leads the state with double-digit jumps in students’ math performance — across the board, in every grade. The mayor is “happy, thrilled, ecstatic.” For perspective, however, we’re now merely nearing the statewide average. [NYT]
• Rapper The Game will be in Manhattan Criminal Court today, defending himself from a highly unusual charge: impersonating a police officer. He allegedly told a limo driver to run red lights because he was a cop on a case. [Metro NY]
• And, you’ve fantasized about doing it. He did it. A man in Manhattan yesterday took a new SUV for a test drive, liked it, shoved the dealer out of the vehicle and sped off. He was caught minutes later. [NYDN]