At ‘Diana’ Party, Tina Brown Talks About Small Mags, and Bloomberg Won’t Talk About Tony Soprano


Photo: Patrick McMullan

These days, Tina Brown is into small magazines. We learned this at the party celebrating her new Diana Chronicles at the sky-high Sony Club last night. “The magazine I like most is this German magazine called WorldWatch,” she told us. “It’s a combination of The American Lawyer and a hip picture magazine. It’s a terrific, smart-looking magazine. It’s the only magazine I long to edit, but it’s so small that I wouldn’t want to invest the time.” Many of the boldfaced guests — Harvey Weinstein, Barry Diller, Liz Smith, and Judy Miller, to name a few — were talking about Diana’s life and death, and about Tony Soprano’s.

Brown hadn’t watched the show yet. (“I’ve got it TiVo’d; it’s my reward tonight when I get in,” she explained.) Les Moonves and Julie Chen nearly missed it due to some cable problems. (“I would not have chosen Journey on the jukebox,” Chen told us.) And Isaac Mizrahi liked the ending. ("I was satisfied,” he said.) Mike Bloomberg, however, wasn’t revealing his thoughts about the show. “If I was going to talk about my personal life,” he told us when we asked if he’d watched, “it would not be to you and it wouldn’t be at this event.” Um, okay, then. —Justin Ravitz

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