Bloomberg Calling


• People are receiving anonymous, computerized telephone polls asking if they’d support a Bloomberg run for the presidency if he spent $1 billion of his own money on it. When asked if the poll was conducted by Bloomberg, aides in his office refused to confirm or deny it. How very diabolical! [NYDN]

• What caused Wednesday blackout? Utility equipment being struck by lighting, Con Ed says. Then it happened again yesterday. Why, that’s almost unlikely as getting struck by — oh, never mind. [NYDN]
• Bloomberg’s next ban: film students! The city is proposing new rules that will require any group of “two or more people” who plan to take pictures in one spot for half an hour to get a permit from the city — and liability insurance for $1 million. Like Mom and Dad aren’t paying enough for that Tisch degree. [NYT]
• Speaking of bans, the new noise ordinance kicks in on Sunday. Obnoxious Mister Softee jingle, we knew ye all too well. [NYP]
• And secretive billionaire ladies’ man Ron Burkle is leaving a line of women literally waiting at the altar. He’s spending $17 million to buy the Greenwich Village penthouse now known as Sky Studios, a popular wedding spot, and its current owners have canceled weddings scheduled for the space. [NYP]