Curb Your Marriage

Larry David and his environmental-activist wife, Laurie, have separated. Today show staffers refer to Good Morning America as “Gay-MA”; GMA staffers refer to Today as “Yesterday.” Marc Jacobs is back on with boyfriend Jason Preston and even got Preston’s initials tattooed on his stomach. Graydon Carter thinks of Vanity Fair’s publisher as a dancing monkey. Eric Alterman claims his arrest was a “misunderstanding”; police claim they asked him to leave a private reception area seven times and that Alterman was “belligerent.” Vanessa Minnillo is gaining a rep with TV insiders as being difficult to work with, and photos of her posing with Lindsay Lohan and a knife aren’t helping.

Justin Timberlake decided to stay away from the MTV Movie Awards rather than deal with an awkward interaction between girlfriend Jessica Biel and ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Jon Voight still hasn’t met Angelina Jolie’s kids, his grandchildren. Kate Hudson wants Owen Wilson to shape up if she’s going to keep dating him. Peter Cook just bought a house in Sag Harbor for $2 million, and it’s not coming furnished. Ivanka Trump once gave Donald a Lego replica of Trump Tower, which he duly criticized. Waverly Inn partner Eric Goode is a big-time turtle collector. Barry Bonds ate at Megu. Glenn Close, Lindsay Lohan, Jared Leto, and Steven Seagal have all worked at the new Steiner studio in Brooklyn.