Anonygossip Terrifies Hamptons!

The society column in The Southampton Press is now anonymously written, and some East Enders are worried. Danielle Steel plans to write a novel based on her ex-husband’s boating incident in France, which left a French doctor dead. Sharon Stone is scheduled to emcee an AIDS benefit at the Dubai International Film Festival, despite the fact that the city has a bad track record on dealing with homosexuals and AIDS victims. Vanessa Minnillo may star in a reality show, though the Lohan knife pictures may be an issue. Peter Beard likes to take Polaroids of topless models. The Olsen twins sold pictures from their 21st-birthday party for $300,000. Paul McCartney performed a surprise show at the HighLine Ballroom with his “almost boy band.” Eli Manning dumped beer on teammate Shaun O’Hara at his 30th-birthday party.

A fight almost broke out at a Tory Burch sample sale, though management may have blamed the wrong women for starting it. One of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, Holly Madison, wants to get pregnant, if she isn’t already. Some of Eva Longoria’s friends don’t like her husband-to-be Tony Parker. Sly Stone sent a letter to a former band member warning him not to use the band name “Sly and the Family Stone.” Nicole Richie didn’t drink at a party, which means she may be pregnant. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum is planning to make a movie about three Iranian brothers with Passion of the Christ producer Steve McEveety. Tom Cruise may oversee the wedding of fellow Scientologist James Packer. Busta Rhymes did not seem to enjoy his 35th-birthday party in Miami. 50 Cent is a nice guy. Zach Braff dined at Pastis with a hot blonde. The original Nancy Drew, Pamela Sue Martin, hasn’t seen the movie and now lives in Idaho.