First Blackout of ‘07!

Okay, a week or so without electricity in Queens is one thing. But now we’re hearing that there’s an outage on — gulp! — the Upper East Side this afternoon. The Con Ed Website says nothing, but we’ve received two three unconfirmed reports. Plus the lights in the office dimmed for a second like twenty minutes ago, and we think we just heard a fire truck going up Madison. That’s good enough for us.

UPDATE: Yup, various local news sources say there’s an outage across a swath of the Upper East Side (though different sources say different swaths), that parts of the Bronx have lost power, too, and that subway service is affected on some if not all of the Lexington Avenue lines, and maybe on the E and/or V as well.

UPDATE 2: Sewell Chan, naturally, has the most comprehensive info. “An explosion this afternoon at an electrical substation in the Bronx has knocked out power to 136,700 customers in the Bronx and Manhattan and disrupted subway service on several of the city’s busiest subway lines — the Nos. 4, 5 and 6 and E and V lines on the East Side and the D line in the Bronx — according to officials with the city government and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority,” he writes. There’s also apparently some trouble with the D and with Metro-North trains into Grand Central.