Gore ’08!

Michael Moore may support Al Gore for president. A theater in the HBO building was named for former network chief Michael Fuchs, and Fuchs gave a weird, bad, awkward speech at the ceremony. Jerry Seinfeld is very excited about his upcoming Bee Movie. 50 Cent is very excited about playing a drug dealer opposite Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in his upcoming movie. A lot of racehorse owners are not pleased with Eliot Spitzer’s plan for Aqueduct to be government-run. David Burke took home $10,000 after beating Bobby Flay and Sam Talbot in a poker tournament in Aspen. Jimmy Fallon wants to lose weight. “Utter pandemonium” broke out, says a “Page Six” source, after Debra Messing, Mike Nichols, and other guests were rained upon during the Public Theater’s premiere of Romeo and Juliet in Central Park. (Actually, we thought it was pretty fun.) Ian Claus dedicated his first book to Chelsea Clinton.

John Mayer might have moved on to Penelope Cruz. William Shatner is upset he wasn’t offered a role in Star Trek XI while Leonard Nimoy was. Kanye West rode the baggage carousel in an L.A. airport while playing tracks from his new album. Mandy Moore wrote a song about her sleazeball ex-boyfriend, Zach Braff. Paris Hilton has no control over her pets, and a cat of hers was run over by a car. Britney Spears stormed out of a shoot for a perfume she’s launching; it’s unclear why. A Rutgers biologist claims that Jeffrey Epstein and law prof Alan Dershowitz got a speech he was supposed to deliver at Harvard canceled because he criticized Dershowitz for defending Israeli attacks on Lebanon. Simon (son of Frank) Rich is set to become a junior writer at Saturday Night Live. Cindy Adams says Kate Middleton has been offered a million to dish on Prince William, though she’s not sure if that’s pounds or dollars.