Gore 2008!

At an Air America relaunch, Bill Clinton said Al Gore has the money to run for president. Rudy Giuliani is raising money in Jerusalem. Paul McCartney is playing new songs at a free Highline Ballroom show tonight. Tom Wolfe is worried Gus Van Sant’s adaptation of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test won’t do the LSD trips justice. Mel Brooks thinks Cloris Leachmen is too old to reprise her role in Young Frankenstein. Paris Hilton is naked online again. At the Apollo’s spring benefit, David Dinkins said he likes Kyra Sedgwick. Dumbo developer David Walentas will play polo with Adolpho Cambiaso, the world’s best player, in Bridgehampton this summer. Beyoncé wouldn’t sign a British fan’s painting. Britney Spears exposed herself again, and snuggled with gal pal, at a Hollywood club.

Larry David moved out of his Martha’s Vineyard house so ex-wife-to-be Laurie and their daughters can enjoy the summer. If they weren’t royalty, Prince William told Matt Lauer, he’d be a helicopter pilot and Harry would drink beer. Though he didn’t make it to the book party for protégé Jeff Hobbs, Bret Easton Ellis still loves him. Julianna Marguiles is probably engaged. Antonio Banderas rode Justin Timberlake (piggyback-style, we presume) at London’s Shrek the Third premiere. Eminem and Mariah Carey continue to argue about their 2001 affair. Dina and Ali Lohan skipped Animal Fair’s party but Hayden Panettiere, Cornelia Guest, Bethenny Frankel, and Richard Belzer showed. Josh Hartnett seems to have hooked up with three hot women in three weeks. Al Sharpton met with Strom Thurmond’s illegitimate daughter.