Harvey, Hillary, and Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s new documentary, Sicko, points out how much money Hillary Clinton raises from health-care companies, and Harvey Weinstein tried to get him to remove a scene about it. Angelina Jolie claimed she was sorry Fox News was banned from her A Mighty Heart premiere, but then she banned Us Weekly and Life & Style (but not People and OK!) from the print-press roundtables. Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey might adopt a kid with his partner. Rosie O’Donnell really wants to host The Price Is Right, but the show’s producers may not be into it. Lindsay Lohan may spend her 21st-birthday party in rehab because she is taking it seriously this time. That, or because Pure won’t host a party for her. Former senator Al D’Amato may play a judge on Law & Order.

The CEO of a weight-loss company that advertises with Howard Stern is suing Stern after he trashed the company’s product on air. Uma Thurman is now dating some dude named David White. Diddy’s remake of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” made a “100 Worst Covers”–of–all time list. O.C. star Kelly Rowan has shacked up with Canada’s richest man, David Thomson. Christina Aguilera is probably pregnant. Nicole Richie had her drunk-driving court date pushed back to July 11. Avril Lavigne wants to try her hand at acting. Rapper Fabolous has his mom serve as a security guard. Staffers at Innovative Artists talent agency had health benefits reinstated after they threatened a walkout. Adrian Grenier goes to parties to dance and get numbers. Bill Clinton wrote the forward for an exercise book.