High Times

During his Van Halen days, David Lee Roth used to pay staffers to bring him girls backstage. Pete Doherty writes in his new memoir that he and Kate Moss will get married if he stays away from the drugs. Newly minted NBC chief and notorious party boy Ben Silverman finally took, and passed, his company drug test. Not one of the Republicans Michael Moore invited to the D.C. premiere of Sicko showed up.

Henry Kissinger does not buy into a new book’s claim that he’s responsible for American POWs still in Vietnam. Barack Obama posed for a Vibe cover (also, he has a supporter in George Clooney). New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is a good tipper. Now out of the evening-news game, Bob Schieffer is playing in a country band. André Balazs may have a managerial role in the new Chelsea Hotel.

The heir to Barneys wrote a book on how to make things cool. Kim Kardashian couldn’t meet Pharrell at a party, so she settled for Fabolous. Beyoncé Knowles’s mom fired her daughter’s 400-pound bodyguard. Matt Damon took paddle-surfing lessons in Hawaii. Helena Christensen is usually one of the two staffers at her clothing-and-antiques store on Hudson Street.