Jersey Boys


• So some TV show had its finale last night? Depending on whom you believe, the ending was either terrible (“Chase will have to live with what he did last night,” says Stasi in the Post), simply mediocre (“It didn’t end,” says Bianculli in the News. “It just stopped”), or a near-ideal conclusion to the series (“a perfectly imperfect finish,” according to Heffernan in the Times). We’re just wondering: How many people started calling Time Warner, convinced their cable had gone out? [NYP, NYDN, NYT]

• The FAA is investigating not one, not two, but five near-collisions between planes landing or taking off from New York’s airports — in the last month alone. [NYP]
• More unexpected victories for Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing idea: The mayor and Congressman Joseph Crowley unveiled a plan to build four more train stations, two for Metro-North and two for LIRR, with the proceeds from the midtown-entry toll. [WNBC]
• New York now has a 9/11 health czar, reports the Daily News — “veteran publicist” Jeffrey Hon, who promises to “do a lot of listening.” Fine, although we (perhaps naïvely) would prefer a, you know, doctor. [NYDN]
• And Councilman Charles Barron, sponsor of what Bloomberg memorably called “the worst idea” to come out of City Hall, is going ahead with it. He says Gates Avenue in Bed-Stuy will become Sonny Abubadika Carson Avenue — by any means necessary. “We’re just putting the name up,” the councilman says. [Metro NY]