Happy Birthday (Again), Kanye

Kanye West hosted his birthday party at the Louis Vuitton store then got free Vuitton swag. Anne Heche might be back on the ladies. Zach Braff loves New York, he says. The Sopranos cast didn’t know what Sunday night’s finale was going to be, and they went to Miami. Paris Hilton’s father wants to throw her a party in Vegas when she gets out of jail, but several clubs have said no. Owen Wilson left his bike at Scores West. Hugh Hefner wants Daphne Merkin to show his girls a little love. New York socialite Dori Cooperman is at Promises for rehab and trying to cozy up to Lindsay Lohan. At a benefit for the American Institute for Stuttering, Harold Evans wanted to take the Queen Mary for a spin.

David LaChapelle’s right-hand man sleepwalked out of a fourth-story window but is doing better after Naomi Campbell hired him a medevac. A promoter stiffed Elton John in Venice, so the Rocket Man cancelled a two-night gig. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher like the gays. Mira Sorvino adopted a kitten and gave it a dumb name. Halle Berry and Prince’s exes spent time together in Canada, sat through Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Jessica Alba has had some bad kisses.